Hartley Botanical Greenhouse and Formal Vegetable Garden

      Job Name: Hartley botanical greenhouse and formal vegetable garden
      Date: 2019 - 2020

      Project Description:

      The clients brief was to design and build a greenhouse and vegetable garden that looked like it had always been part of the estate and gardens in the Cotswolds. Working alongside the head gardener we formulated a plan for a formal vegetable garden using low dry stone walls for the vegetable beds and a traditional greenhouse with stone walls and a flagstone floor. The stone is reclaimed Cotswold stone from the estate, to avoid waste and reuse what was already available to us. The greenhouse also has its own irrigation system collecting water from the terrace and roof of the greenhouse and then storing it in a tank underneath the ground. All in all a successful project, which is very eco friendly due to the irrigation system and materials used within the project. Lighting was used throughout the project to illuminate the paths and greenhouse at night.